Most of the conversation today surrounding youth ministry is based on all of the things that the Church is doing wrong. At the same time, today’s youth are drastically different than the generation many youth pastors were trained to reach. This change in culture has created a whole new set of questions for youth leaders. These leaders aren’t lacking information—there are hundreds of blogs on youth ministry. However leaders need a place to absorb timely and relevant information translated into practical wisdom. My Healthy Church Youth was developed to equip and empower Spirit-empowered youth leaders to create a tremendous impact that redefines what it means to reach today’s youth.

We have three main content areas to help achieve that goal: healthy leaders, healthy ministries, healthy youth

Healthy Leaders focuses on redefining success for leaders through introspective ideas, self-care, and leadership development.

Healthy Ministries focuses on facilitating ministries to thrive in the five functions of going, growing, connecting, serving, and worshipping.

Healthy Youth focuses on developing and impacting students spiritually, relationally, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

Heath Adamson, author of The Bush Always Burns, member of the World Evangelical Alliance Youth Commission, and chairman of the Empowered 21's Next Generation Network will moderate the site with articles written at the beginning of each week, with global youth influencers contributing throughout.

Our passion is for youth leaders to understand the concept of cradle-to-grave discipleship. This is more than just how to increase the size of your youth ministry. We desire to see Spirit-empowered youth ministries across the globe enabled and empowered to effectively produce disciples and make Jesus known—regardless of church or community size, financial constraints, and number of students. As youth begin to know and experience the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit’s activity in their life, they begin to find their true identity in him.