Developing Priorities

Intentionality in Scheduling

by Heath Adamson / January 25, 2016

As I write this blog, I'm in a plane. I just spent twenty-two straight hours flying from Italy to California for some strategic meetings, and now I'm on my way home. This was a rigorous week of travel, and that seems to be the norm these days. My job doesn't slow down when I'm gone from the office either. I still have emails to read, texts and calls to return, decisions to make, a team to lead, and other various things to do.

Personally, I am constantly putting myself in a position to grow. I want to grow as a leader so I read. I want to be a better servant so I listen. But most importantly, while my current title is Senior Director of Youth Ministries, I am a husband and a father first. Because of all of this, I simply never have enough time. Maybe you’ve felt that way as well?

My schedule is uncharacteristically crazy because of my national and international responsibilities. But even in the local church, you’ll find leaders who often times have too much on their plate. In ministry two things seduce us: opportunities and to-do lists. They lead us down a never-ending and ever-winding road. As we begin to set our priorities and schedules for the new year, here is what I do to maintain balance in my life.

I'm intentional about when to say yes and when to say no. A guiding principle I always think of is whenever I say yes, I say no to everything else. The significance of that statement cannot go unnoticed. I pay attention to both the times and seasons of life and adjust accordingly. I’ve discovered that ministry does not talk enough about using spiritual wisdom when creating priorities according to God-ordained seasons. A season can last a month or multiple years, but each season brings about new changes and new disciplines. Be alert and sober-minded to changing seasons in your life and adjust accordingly. Each season is God-breathed and requires a new set of priorities.

At the end of the day, my utmost goal and priority is to deepen my walk with Christ. On the front end of my calendar planning, I make sure my schedule prioritizes this before anything else. At times, it looks different based on the demands of my day. I just never want to allow my ever-evolving schedule to prevent me from keeping the Sovereign One as my highest priority.